Important Notice – Utah FACES is Dissolving

May 1,  2018

Nearly 10 years ago, Friends for Animal Care and Effective Solutions (Utah FACES) was founded with the express purposes of helping Salt Lake County Animal Services achieve a no-kill mission. Since 2012 that mission has been achieved! With the support of our amazing donors, volunteers and partners, Utah FACES has received revenues of nearly three-quarters of a million dollars, which have been used to provide specialty clinic equipment, injured animal care, and special programs for the animals that have been served by the shelter. As the shelter’s no-kill mission continues, Utah FACES is proud of its accomplishment as a direct partner of the shelter. At this time, however, the Utah FACES Board of Directors has determined the most effective method to sustain our life-saving programs is to begin the process of transitioning these programs over to the shelter and dissolve Utah FACES.

As we work to make sure all the funds that have been so graciously granted to and donated to our efforts to take care of the animals at Salt Lake County Animal Services, we firmly pledge that every dollar that has been designated to a special project or program will be delivered to its intended purpose or returned to you. 

We are finalizing a special FACES Animal Care Endowment Fund that will be operated and managed strictly for the animals at Salt Lake County Animal Services. The first contribution to this special restricted fund will include all our remaining undesignated gifts. The FACES Animal Care Endowment Fund will be a permanent fund in which the accumulated principal will be absolutely preserved and will continue to grow with additional donations in perpetuity. It will be established and regulated in such a way that the needs of the animals will always be the same absolute priority as has always been the case for Utah FACES. Our priorities have been and will continue to be supplying grooming transport and services, providing microchips, caring for injured animals, supplying spay & neuter surgeries, providing for up-to-date equipment in the vet clinic, and generally taking care of the needs of the shelter animals.

If you have been a regular donor toward the many animal services we have been dedicated to providing, we ask that you now consider donating to the FACES Animal Care Endowment Fund at Salt Lake County Animal Services or to the shelter itself, in the hopes that they will be able to continue the projects we have initiated and supported. As for Utah FACES, we will be discontinuing our acceptance of donations by the end of June. We request that you make any necessary changes in your financial arrangements before that time.

We have been proud of the several very important projects that we have initiated and promoted successfully. These efforts specifically include providing support to the expansion and improvement of the veterinary clinic facilities and capabilities at the shelter, maintaining a supportive Injured Animals Fund, providing for safe, attractive, and weatherproof outdoor play areas for the shelter dogs, developing the Grooming Transport program, developing the Adopt-A-Kennel program which assisted the shelter in maintaining healthy spaces for animal sheltering, developing and promoting our Spay/Neuter efforts to help provide for the welfare of thousands of animals, supporting the purchase of thousands of microchips to help make sure lost animals are returned to their homes as quickly and effortlessly as possible, and the wonderful Sewing Bee project that provided lots of special hand-sewn items for shelter dogs and cats as well as scarfs that could be used in fundraising efforts. It is our hope that most, if not all, of these efforts might be continued in some fashion through the support of Salt Lake County Animal Services.

We look forward to doing everything we can to help the animals that come to the attention of Salt Lake County Animal Services through the next several remaining months.

If you would like to donate to the FACES Animal Care Endowment Fund that has been set up, please contact Salt Lake County Animal Services.  Thank you!

The Utah FACES Board of Directors