Injured Animal Fund

Utah FACES Injured Animal Fund

Thanks to a very special contribution, Utah FACES was able to establish The Diji Fund, which was later renamed the Injured Animal Fund. Diji was a very seriously injured dog who arrived at the Animal Services shelter in pretty bad condition. With a lot of specialized veterinarian skills and endless love and care from the shelter staff, Diji ultimately recovered to join a very loved adopted family.

The Injured Animal Fund is specifically restricted for use in helping to provide emergency medical care and attention to seriously ill or injured animals who could not otherwise become adoptable. It is our hope that this fund will expand so that many other animals with expensive and painful injuries may be helped in the future.

Dodger came into the clinic after being hit by a car. He needed surgery and rehabilitation which he received in a foster home. He is now healthy and happy with his new family. See his story here


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